Please see our Seasonal Checklist which prevents unneeded repairs or damages in the near future through preventative maintenance.

In the spring

  • Inspect all fire alarms, carbon monoxide monitors, and security alarms and replace if needed
  • Clean all windows, doors, and screens (inspect screens for damage)

In the summer

  • Lubricate all door hinges and retighten any loose screws
  • Disconnect dryer vent and vacuum any lint
  • Clean any grills or vents in bathrooms

In the fall

  • Check weather strips on doors and windows for tight seals
  • Clean gutters and downspouts for proper drainage flow

In the winter

  • Vacuum all bathroom grills and vents
  • ¬†Vacuum all smoke detectors

Here is a small excerpt of what would be performed, please call or e-mail for more information .